What is your school doing while on on quarantine?

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      What is your school doing to assist families while under quarantine?
      How are you providing services? How are you keeping in contact with them?
      Are you providing virtual home visits or something else? How are you documenting this?

      At Oneida, we are using Google Classroom, Facebook and an app called Remind to provide our families with activities, free resources and we have recorded the staff reading books and have posted them Facebook.

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      Many of the schools I have spoken with are providing virtual visits with some families. The challenges reported have been technology and relying on auditory skills instead of visual skills.
      The successes reported:
      1. The more virtual visits completed the easier it is to trouble shoot technology issues.
      2. There are families that are into the virtual visiting and really are enjoying the connection. Some of the families are sending pictures/videos of the parent-child interaction to the parent educators.

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