Parent educators help the Parents as Teachers approach and personal visit goals come to life through the eight Foundational Visit Plans and the Personal Visit Planning Guide.

The content and focus of the Plans build upon each other and prepare the parent educator and family to partner, facilitate and reflect.

The Personal Visits directly promote parental resiliency, knowledge of parenting and child development, and social and emotional competency of children—vital protective factors.

For Personal Visits to Count

  • The Personal Visit must be delivered by a model certified FACE Parent Educator
  • At least one enrolled child must be present (or prenatal), along with an enrolled parent, caregiver, guardian
  • Personal Visits are delivered to the family unit including multiple enrolled children, fathers/and males, grand-parents, etc.
  • The visit includes the three major areas of emphasis: parent-child interaction, development –centered parenting, and family well-being and lasts at least one hour for one child and 90 minutes for two.

Where Do Personal Visits Take Place?

  • The FACE personal visits are designed to take place in the home of young children in order to build on and maximize the family’s primary learning environment.
  • Personal visits can be delivered in a mutually agreed upon site outside of the home when individual circumstances hinder having visits in the home (sometimes within a family-friendly FACE Parent Educator’s office.

How Often Do Visit Take Place and How Many

It is the goal for FACE parent educators in the first year of work to provide weekly visits to at least 12-14 families. Parent educators with two years plus experience should provide bi-weekly services to 24-26 families.  The expectation is that families with one high risk receive at least 12 -14 visits annually and families with two or more high risks should receive 24-26 person visits annually.


Elements and Approach of the Personal Visit: From the Planning to Delivery to Documentation

  • Family-Centered Approach
  • How to Make a Good Personal Visit a Great Personal Visit
  • Enhancing Multi-Child Visits
  • Coaching Parents through the Personal Visit
  • Supporting Families with Reflective Practice