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      Diane L

      Thanks to everyone who participated in the live webinar last week, Using the PICCOLO in FACE programs! We will send out an email when the recorded webinar is available on FACE Resources.

      Let’s use the forum to do a little follow-up…

      -What did you notice in the longer parent-child interaction video as you completed the Affection and Responsiveness Checklists? What really got your attention?

      – Please share about what you experienced as you checked for reliability with your observation partner, compared scores, and reached consensus.

      We’ll be posting PICCOLO tips and reminders on the forum regularly. Please bring your thoughts and questions!

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      Diane L

      PICCOLO reminder:

      The 11/18 PICCOLO training, “Using the PICCOLO in FACE Programs” is on FACE Resources. To find it:
      • Hover the curser on the Home-Based Model tab, then hover over New for SY20.21
      • Move the cursor to the right and click on PICCOLO
      • View the PICCOLO: Part 3 webinar, Using the PICCOLO in FACE Programs

      This is a required webinar for all Parent Educators.

      Please check in with your home-based Technical Assistant on PICCOLO and where you are with planning to practice, making sure you feel confident and “reliable” in your scoring, then starting to use it with families.

      Bring your questions and ideas for other PEs to the forum!

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